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Lori K. MacNichol-Gregory – Sales Associate



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Lori MacNichol learned to fly in McCall, Idaho in 1982 because she wanted to get into the most remote fishing spots in the Idaho backcountry.  Through her love of fishing, she developed a lasting love of flying and accumulated as much aviation knowledge as possible.

The private pilot license led to commercial and flight instructor ratings. Lori carefully began keeping notes on the essential piloting skills and peculiarities of backcountry flying. While expanding her piloting experiences working as an air taxi pilot, she absorbed invaluable insight into the mountains and canyons from the old-timers in the area. Along the way she added multiengine and seaplane ratings and is now qualified as an airline transport pilot.

After owning her own flying business and flying many thousands of hours in the valley of McCall and the Idaho backcountry, Lori decided to obtain her real-estate licenses. With this she is able to better assist her fly-in clients that arrive from all over the world who often fall in love with McCall Idaho and wish to purchase property in the McCall area and the Idaho backcountry. She takes great pride in representing this area to her out of town friends.


Lori MacNichol, founder and owner of McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, a flight school which provides an educational introduction to the special type of airmanship skills and knowledge needed to operate safely in the unique environment of the mountain and canyons of the Idaho and Utah backcountry. Her school also conducts aviation safety seminars for general aviation pilots and many advanced specialty groups such as US Border Patrol, US Forest Service, and National Transportation Safety Board.

Lori is currently involved in the preservation of the “Wilderness Airstrips” across the nation and has been invited to speak in Washington, D.C. during Congressional Hearings giving testimony in favor of preserving backcountry airstrips. She has had the opportunity to work with Idaho Public Television’s “Outdoor Idaho” filming and has been hosted on segments of “Back Country Pilots” and the History Channel Series “Modern Marvels” titled “Runways.”

Striving to foster the love of aviation and share the beauty of air travel in the mountain wilderness, Lori continues to travel and speak at seminars and conventions across the United States and Canada, radiating her enthusiasm for flying and teaching. She considers herself blessed to be able to spend every day doing what she loves best. “Teaching Mountain/Canyon Flying”! And Selling Real Estate!


Lori MacNichol-Gregory
Community Real Estate Sales Associate/Realtor

Idaho Aviation Safety FAAST Representative, Boise FSDO
BS Aviation Technology
Owner/Founder – McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, LLC Since 1996
Owner/Mountain Aviation Corporation, FBO & flight school McCall Airport
POB 1175 McCall, Id 83638
208-634-1344 office / 208-761-7918 cell


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